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CR牙狼 v1.1.4 MOD APK (Paid for free) Download

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Scarica APK (21.04MB)
App Name CR牙狼
Genre Casual
Size 21.04MB
Latest Version 1.1.4
MOD Info Paid for free
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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CR牙狼 MOD APK 1.1.4, Paid for free

▼ Notice of the end of distribution of "Pachinko Garo Series Smartphone App" legendary machine is back! The origin of all pachinko Garo series "CR Garo" is finally here on Google Play! You can enjoy the production just like the actual machine. Let's experience the impact!▼ App introductionThe "Pachinko Garo Series" has gained overwhelming support from pachinko fans nationwide and is very popular in the halls.The pachinko simulation app of the first "CR Garo", which is the starting point, is finally available on Google Play!In addition to the production that makes full use of the video of the special effects TV drama "GARO", the various productions that are the origin of the popular pachinko machine "Pachinko Garo series" such as "Makai Chance" and "Round Battle" are completely reproduced. !!In addition, it is possible to simulate not only the jackpot history, the number of jackpots and the number of probability changes, but also more detailed information such as the number of occurrences of each reach effect and the number of jackpots.You can enjoy unlimited games that are the same as the actual hall just by purchasing the app.(* There is no concept of borrowing balls.)This application has convenient functions that you can easily enjoy simulation from the beginning.・ Save function (up to 3 game states can be saved)・ Change settings (You can choose the probability of a big hit from 3 levels)・ Round cut function (skip rounds during big hits)・ Fluctuation skip function (skips fluctuations that do not reach)・ Push auto function (automatically executes button-type effects)・ Stopping function (stopping when the reserved ball is MAX)◆ What is Garo?Broadcast in October 2005 as an unprecedented midnight action horror drama that makes full use of high-quality special effects video technology.An original work by Keita Amemiya, the original and general director, depicting the activities of Saejima Kouga, a magical knight with the title of "Garo" who was destined to hunt the monster "Horror" hidden in the darkness of the world.Due to its popularity, it is widely deployed in sequel dramas, movies, animations, media development, etc.◆ What is Sansei R & D?We have released a number of pachinko machines, including the blockbuster model "Pachinko Garo" series, and also operate the actual machine interlocking service "Pachi Plus", which many users are enjoying.◆Operating environment・ Android OS 4.1 or above・ RAM 2G or more (recommended for terminals sold after 2013)* Refunds and all support will not be available for troubles caused by purchasing with a model whose operation has been confirmed or a model other than the OS.* If you upgrade the OS version from the initial OS, it may not work properly. Please note.◆ Operation check terminal[Docomo]・ AQUOSSH-01H, SH-02H, SH-04H, SH-02J, SH-01G, SH-03G, SH-04G, SH-05G, SH-04F, SH-03J, SH-01K, SH-03K, SH- 01L・ ARROWSF-01H, F-02H, F-03G, F-04G, F-05F, F-01J, F-03H, F-05J, F-01K, F-04K・ Disney MobileDM-01G, DM-01H, DM-01J, DM-02H, SH-02G, DM-01K・ GalaxySC-01H, SC-04F, SC-05G, SC-02H, SC-02J, SC-03J, SC-04J, SC-01K, SC-02K, SC-03K, SC-01L, SC-02L・ XperiaSO-03F, SO-04F, SO-05F, SO-01G, SO-02G, SO-05G, SO-01H, SO-02H, SO-03H, SO-01J, SO-02J, SO-03J, SO- 04J, SO-01K, SO-02K, SO-03Kl, SO-05K, SO-04K, SO-01L・OtherNexus 5X, MO-01J, MO-01K, L-01J, L-01K, d-01H, Z-01K, HW-01K, L-03K[Au]・ AQUOSSHV33, SHV32, SHV34, SHV35, SHV37, SHV40, SHV41, SHV42, SHV43・ GalaxySCV32, SCL23, SCV31, SCV33, SCV36, SCV35, SCT21, SCV37, SCV38, SCV39, SCV40・ XperiaSOL24, SOV34, SOV35, SOV36, SOV37, SOV38, SOV39・ HTCHTL23, HTV31, HTV32・ IsaiLGV32, LGV34, LGL24, LGV35・ TORQUEG01, G02・ URBANOKYY31, KYY38・ Qua phoneLGV33, KYV44・ HUAWEIHWV31, HWV32・OtherINFOBAR A03, Qua tab 01, LGL23, KYV36[SoftBank]・ AQUOS303SH, 305SH, 402SH, 403SH, 304SH, 503SH, 502SH, 506SH, 603SH, 605SH, 606SH, 701SH, 706SH・ Xperia601SO, 602SO, 701SO, 702SO・ DIGNO404KC, 503KC, 602KC, 704KC・ HUAWEIBLA-L09,704HW・OtherNexus 6P, Galaxy Tab 4◆ App sizeUp to about 2GB of free space is required for internal storage.Make sure that the internal storage has sufficient free space, communication environment, and charging before downloading.* This application downloads data when it is started for the first time.* A maximum of 2.8G is required when updating the app.◆Notes・ Since this application is a large-capacity application, please download it in a "Wi-Fi" environment.-Although it has been confirmed that this application works on the supported models listed, it may not work depending on the usage environment and conditions.-Even if it is a compatible model, there may be a phenomenon such as a gap between the production and the sound or a part skipping depending on the usage environment and condition.-Since this application continuously performs high-load processing, it consumes a lot of memory, so it may not operate normally when other applications are started.・ During the game of this application, the LCD screen is always on regardless of the settings on the terminal side. Please be careful about the remaining battery power.-If multiple apps are running at the same time, the operation may become unstable.・ Since this application has a large data capacity, it may take 15 minutes or more to download.Therefore, you may not be able to use the "refund service within 15 minutes of purchasing the app" provided by Google Play.-Please note that it may not be possible to install normally due to the OS version upgrade.◆Frequently asked questions(1) Download does not start.There may be a payment failure. Please contact your payment service (Google or your carrier).Google Inquiry Desk Download is not completed.A lot of data will be downloaded at the first startup. 3G line may be interrupted due to communication restrictions, so we strongly recommend downloading in a Wifi environment.(3) The message "Waiting for connection" is displayed and the process does not proceed."Download only when Wifi is connected" is checked. The download starts when it is not selected and Wifi is not connected. Please cancel, uncheck, and then download again.* If wifi is not connected at the time of download, the message "Cannot connect to the network. Please check the radio wave condition and try again" is displayed.(4) Installation fails. It does not start. The screen goes black after startup.Data download and extraction may have failed. Please uninstall it, check the free space, and download it again.(5) About re-downloadIf you have the same account, you can download it many times for free, and you can download it to multiple terminals.◆ InquiriesIf you have any questions about the operation or problems of the app, please email us.Email address: [email protected] Reception Hours: Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) 10: 00-17: 00(C) 2005 Keita Amemiya / Project GARO(C) 2006 Keita Amemiya / Tohokushinsha / Bandai VisualJASRAC license number: 9010734041Y43030This application uses "CRI WARE mobile (TM)" of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

CR牙狼 Introduzione

CR牙狼 Essendo un gioco casual molto popolare di recente, ha guadagnato molti fan in tutto il mondo che amano i giochi casual. Se vuoi scaricare questo gioco, come il più grande sito di download di giochi gratuiti per mod apk al mondo, moddroid è la tua scelta migliore. moddroid non solo ti fornisce l'ultima versione di CR牙狼 1.1.4gratuitamente, ma fornisce anche Paid for freemod gratuitamente, aiutandoti a salvare l'attività meccanica ripetitiva nel gioco, così puoi concentrarti sul godere della gioia portata dal gioco stesso. moddroid promette che qualsiasi mod di CR牙狼 non addebiterà alcuna commissione ai giocatori ed è sicura al 100%, disponibile e gratuita da installare. Basta scaricare il client moddroid, puoi scaricare e installare CR牙狼 1.1.4 con un clic. Cosa aspetti, scarica moddroid e gioca!

Gameplay unico

CR牙狼 Essendo un popolare gioco casual, il suo gameplay unico lo ha aiutato a conquistare un gran numero di fan in tutto il mondo. A differenza dei tradizionali giochi casual, in CR牙狼 , devi solo seguire il tutorial per principianti, così puoi facilmente avviare l'intero gioco e goderti la gioia offerta dai classici giochi casual CR牙狼 1.1.4. Allo stesso tempo, moddroid ha creato appositamente una piattaforma per gli amanti dei giochi casual, consentendoti di comunicare e condividere con tutti gli amanti dei giochi casual in tutto il mondo, cosa stai aspettando, unisciti a moddroid e goditi il casual gioco con tutti i partner globali felici

Bellissimo schermo

Come i giochi tradizionali casual, CR牙狼 ha uno stile artistico unico e la grafica, le mappe e i personaggi di alta qualità rendono CR牙狼 attratto molti fan di casual e confrontato ai tradizionali giochi casual, CR牙狼 1.1.4 ha adottato un motore virtuale aggiornato e apportato aggiornamenti audaci. Con una tecnologia più avanzata, l'esperienza sullo schermo del gioco è stata notevolmente migliorata. Pur mantenendo lo stile originale di casual, il massimo Migliora l'esperienza sensoriale dell'utente e ci sono molti diversi tipi di telefoni cellulari apk con un'eccellente adattabilità, assicurando che tutti gli amanti del gioco di casual possano godersi appieno la felicità portato da CR牙狼 1.1.4

Mod. Unica

Il tradizionale gioco casual richiede agli utenti di dedicare molto tempo ad accumulare ricchezza/abilità/abilità nel gioco, che è sia la caratteristica che il divertimento del gioco, ma allo stesso tempo, il processo di accumulazione inevitabilmente far sentire le persone stanche, ma ora l'emergere delle mod ha riscritto questa situazione. Qui, non è necessario spendere la maggior parte delle tue energie e ripetere l'""accumulo"" leggermente noioso. Le mod possono aiutarti facilmente a omettere questo processo, aiutandoti così a concentrarti sul goderti la gioia del gioco stesso

Scarica ora

Basta fare clic sul pulsante di download per installare l'APP moddroid, puoi scaricare direttamente la versione mod gratuita CR牙狼 1.1.4 nel pacchetto di installazione moddroid con un clic e ci sono più giochi mod popolari gratuiti che ti aspettano gioca, cosa aspetti, scaricalo ora!

Scarica CR牙狼 (MOD, Paid for free)

Scarica APK (21.04MB)
Abbiamo sostituito alcuni link di download per scaricare l'APK Moddroid. Puoi scaricare CR牙狼Con una velocità di download superiore.
La app MODDROID ha contenuti più completi dei siti web MODDROID.

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