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プレミアム海物語 v1.00 MOD APK (Paid for free) Download

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Scarica APK (38.45MB)
App Name プレミアム海物語
Genre Casual
Size 38.45MB
Latest Version 1.00
MOD Info Paid for free
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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プレミアム海物語 MOD APK 1.00, Paid for free

CR premium sea story finally appeared in the Android app!Big hit movie, sound, drum production, Pureumi chance, such as Pureumi challenge, we have reproduced a number of actual production!In Android, anywhere at any time, you can enjoy a premium sea story.[Please read before you buy the following description. ]※ When you purchase, please go good communication environment state.Because of the large application of capacity, if the communication environment is bad, there is a possibility that the download can not be performed properly.※ NTT in docomo terminal when purchasing the app in the "payment with NTT DOCOMO fee" is required procedure of "SP mode settlement". And "DoCoMo shop", "151" in the mobile phone of DoCoMo, after from the general phone "0120-800-800", the menu number 2-2, please perform the procedure.※ In NTT docomo terminal, there are times when a problem occurs in the operation and will you use a microSDXC card.For more information, please check the website of NTT docomo.※ This app, and the capacity of more than 48MB in internal storage (body), you must have free space of more than 1.3Gbyte to external storage (SD card).● For operation check modelPlease confirm whether you are included in the "operation check model list" at the bottom of the page described in the previous purchase.Check the operation of our company, the state did not install another app also, we have carried out using the SD card that was able to confirm that you can read and write. Depending on your terminal of the environment, because you may get trouble in operation, please try how to respond at the bottom of the page described in that case.Compatible models Android2.3.3 ~ 4.3※ Android4.4 or later, will be supported.● Features[Two of specs can be selected! ]· CR premium sea story Gold / Platinum[Mounted mode]NormalSea mode / Forest mode / Crystal modeFluctuation probabilityPureumi chanceJackpot round (also equipped with premium round!)[Simulation game content]- Normal modeThis mode is used to play in the actual similar setting a fixed have ball in under.When the ball has become 0 the game is over.In the normal mode allows you to save your progress to save data.If the auto-save to ON in the game setting, it will be saved automatically at the timing of the post-change.※ However, it will not be able to do to save the save data in the state of the following.And liquid crystal symbol variation during or in the liquid crystal production- A state in which there are pending ball· Jackpot round,· Pureumi in Chance·trainingSuch as play and change the big hit probability, you can play the game with your favorite settings.There is no game is over, it is possible to continue the play performed freely ball lending.※ numerical value that is displayed within the app is merely simulated value, it may differ from the actual equipment.※ When reading the production is by the terminal, there may be a slight wait to enter.● method of application end• In the title screen, please press the "back button" of the terminal.- Open the menu in the "menu button" in the terminal, please choose the "end of the premium sea story".● Note- During the game please do not remove the SD card absolutely.· Be played while the charge, the decrease of the battery early terminal, there are times when the power falls.Whether of-terminal system is up to date, please check regularly.● For download of app data• When you play this app, it is necessary to pay perform the download of the application of the data for the first time only about 950MB (deployment at the time about 1.3GB), takes one hour to several hours. The first time it is highly recommended app startup in Wi-Fi environment.In the case of 3G line, if you take a few hours depending on the situation of radio waves and line or, more likely to download is not successful.• This app, so you can not play Failure to do and then download the application of data, it may not be available to return and refund in Google Play.● Can not start the application, if such can not download, please check the following contents.1, if there is enough free space on the internal storage, external storage.2, please remove if it is connected to a PC with a USB cable.3, restart of the terminal4, please change the communication environment in Wi-Fi. Also, whether it is connected to the correct access point.5, re-mount of external storage Performing "menu key" → [Settings] → [storage] → After running the [Unmount SD card], again [mount the SD card.6, data cache erasure of the "market", "download manager" You can run from "Menu key" → [Settings] → [Application] → [Application Management] → [all].7, the release of filtering (communication limit) You can check from "Menu key" → [Settings] → [Storage]8, after the once off the application of the data in the "data erasure", to download again.※ There is a case where the operation by the terminal is different. Please refer to the instructions of the terminal for more information.● billing issues, contact us, to Google Play.● If you have any questions about this application, contact us, please contact the email address [email protected]● operation check model list· DocomoAQUOS PHONE SH-12C, SH-01DAQUOS PHONE slider SH-02DAQUOS PHONE f SH-13CARROWS Kiss F-03DARROWS μ F-07DARROWS X LTE F-05DF-12CGALAXY S SC-02BGALAXY S II LTE SC-03DGALAXY S II SC-02CLUMIX Phone P-02DXperia arc SO-01CXperia acro SO-02CMEDIAS N-04CMEDIAS PP N-01DMEDIAS WP N-06COptimus LTE L-01DOptimus bright L-07CP-01DP-07CPRADA phone by LG L-02DREGZA Phone T-01DXperia ray SO-03CXperia PLAY SO-01D· SoftBankAQUOS PHONE SoftBank 006SH, 102SH, 103SHAQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID SoftBank 007SH, 007SH JAQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM SoftBank 009SHAQUOS PHONE 007SH KTAQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID 101SHDisney Mobile on SoftBank DM009SH, DM010SH, DM011SHGALAPAGOS SoftBank 003SH, 005SHHONEY BEE 101KHTC Desire HD SoftBank 001HTLUMIX Phone 101PMEDIAS CH 101NSweety SoftBank 003PYahoo! Phone SoftBank 009SH Y· AuAQUOS PHONE IS11SH, IS12SH, IS13SH, ​​IS14SHARROWS Z ISW11FARROWS ES IS12FDIGNO ISW11KEIS01PTGALAXY SII WiMAX ISW11SCG'zOne IS11CAHTC EVO WiMAX ISW11HTHTC EVO WiMAX3D ISW12HTINFOBAR A01IS05MIRACH IS11PTMEDIAS IS11NOptimus X IS11LGREGZA Phone IS11TXPERIA acro IS11S(Strain) of CRI · middleware "CRIWARE mobile (TM)" has been used.Based on the font of font Works Co., Ltd., create a font to match the software design, we use.Font Works of company name, font Works font names are trademarks or registered trademarks of font Works.

プレミアム海物語 Introduzione

プレミアム海物語 Essendo un gioco casual molto popolare di recente, ha guadagnato molti fan in tutto il mondo che amano i giochi casual. Se vuoi scaricare questo gioco, come il più grande sito di download di giochi gratuiti per mod apk al mondo, moddroid è la tua scelta migliore. moddroid non solo ti fornisce l'ultima versione di プレミアム海物語 1.00gratuitamente, ma fornisce anche Paid for freemod gratuitamente, aiutandoti a salvare l'attività meccanica ripetitiva nel gioco, così puoi concentrarti sul godere della gioia portata dal gioco stesso. moddroid promette che qualsiasi mod di プレミアム海物語 non addebiterà alcuna commissione ai giocatori ed è sicura al 100%, disponibile e gratuita da installare. Basta scaricare il client moddroid, puoi scaricare e installare プレミアム海物語 1.00 con un clic. Cosa aspetti, scarica moddroid e gioca!

Gameplay unico

プレミアム海物語 Essendo un popolare gioco casual, il suo gameplay unico lo ha aiutato a conquistare un gran numero di fan in tutto il mondo. A differenza dei tradizionali giochi casual, in プレミアム海物語 , devi solo seguire il tutorial per principianti, così puoi facilmente avviare l'intero gioco e goderti la gioia offerta dai classici giochi casual プレミアム海物語 1.00. Allo stesso tempo, moddroid ha creato appositamente una piattaforma per gli amanti dei giochi casual, consentendoti di comunicare e condividere con tutti gli amanti dei giochi casual in tutto il mondo, cosa stai aspettando, unisciti a moddroid e goditi il casual gioco con tutti i partner globali felici

Bellissimo schermo

Come i giochi tradizionali casual, プレミアム海物語 ha uno stile artistico unico e la grafica, le mappe e i personaggi di alta qualità rendono プレミアム海物語 attratto molti fan di casual e confrontato ai tradizionali giochi casual, プレミアム海物語 1.00 ha adottato un motore virtuale aggiornato e apportato aggiornamenti audaci. Con una tecnologia più avanzata, l'esperienza sullo schermo del gioco è stata notevolmente migliorata. Pur mantenendo lo stile originale di casual, il massimo Migliora l'esperienza sensoriale dell'utente e ci sono molti diversi tipi di telefoni cellulari apk con un'eccellente adattabilità, assicurando che tutti gli amanti del gioco di casual possano godersi appieno la felicità portato da プレミアム海物語 1.00

Mod. Unica

Il tradizionale gioco casual richiede agli utenti di dedicare molto tempo ad accumulare ricchezza/abilità/abilità nel gioco, che è sia la caratteristica che il divertimento del gioco, ma allo stesso tempo, il processo di accumulazione inevitabilmente far sentire le persone stanche, ma ora l'emergere delle mod ha riscritto questa situazione. Qui, non è necessario spendere la maggior parte delle tue energie e ripetere l'""accumulo"" leggermente noioso. Le mod possono aiutarti facilmente a omettere questo processo, aiutandoti così a concentrarti sul goderti la gioia del gioco stesso

Scarica ora

Basta fare clic sul pulsante di download per installare l'APP moddroid, puoi scaricare direttamente la versione mod gratuita プレミアム海物語 1.00 nel pacchetto di installazione moddroid con un clic e ci sono più giochi mod popolari gratuiti che ti aspettano gioca, cosa aspetti, scaricalo ora!

Scarica プレミアム海物語 (MOD, Paid for free)

Scarica APK (38.45MB)
Abbiamo sostituito alcuni link di download per scaricare l'APK Moddroid. Puoi scaricare プレミアム海物語Con una velocità di download superiore.
La app MODDROID ha contenuti più completi dei siti web MODDROID.

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