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サラリーマン番長 v1.2.1 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

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Scarica APK (1508.05MB)
App Name サラリーマン番長
Genre Casual
Size 1508.05MB
Latest Version 1.2.1
MOD Info Unlocked
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Rating 2.5/5 (566 votes)
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サラリーマン番長 MOD APK 1.2.1, Free

【important】-----------------------------------------"Google account confirmation" will occur when starting the simulator application "Osu! Salaryman Bancho" with "Android 8.0 or higher".We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the steps below before starting the app.-----------------------------------------【step 1】Open Google Play Store and check your current account.・Play Store → Tap the three lines mark on the upper left* Customers who have previously registered for Daito Yoshimune CITY monthly feeCheck if the account for which you have registered monthly is displayed.[Step 2]Please start the simulator application "Osu! Salaryman Banchou".A "Choose Account" pop-up will appear on startup.[Step 3]Select the same account as the "Google Account" confirmed in step 1 and press the "OK" button.-----------------------------------------By following the steps above, you can play the app.[About access rights for using game services]■ Storage: We will not access personal files such as photos with the necessary authority to save game data.■ Contacts: This is the authority required for linking with Google accounts. We do not acquire information other than the information necessary for interlocking.*Explanations may differ depending on the device and OS version.■ Osu! Salaryman Bancho App introductionAim for the top of the office worker in the Shin-Kanki Loop! !The popular slot machine "Osu! Salaryman Banchou" (Daito Giken Co., Ltd.) is now available as a simulator app for Daito Yoshimune CITY!◇◇Information about Daito Yoshimune CITY◇◇All-you-can-play high-quality smartphone apps from Daito Giken! !From the latest models to nostalgic popular models, we plan to deliver one after another! !First, download your favorite model!* To use this app, you need to register for "Daito Yoshimune CITY" monthly fee of 900 yen (tax included), which allows you to play all the pachislot apps that are being distributed as much as you want.*If you do not register, the game will end after 50 games have been played or a bonus prize has been won.[About monthly service (regular use)]■ BillingUsage charges for monthly services purchased with a Google account will be charged to the Google account.■ About automatic renewalIt will be automatically renewed unless the automatic renewal is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the monthly service period.■ About billing at the time of automatic renewalBilling for automatic renewal will be made within 24 hours of the end of the monthly service usage period.■ About registration confirmation and automatic renewal suspensionYou can check the registration status of the monthly service and stop automatic renewal by setting below.GooglePlay store menu > "Account information" > "Subscription"■ CancellationYou cannot change the period or cancel the monthly service during the usage period.[For customers who cannot download/start up]It may be resolved by following the procedure described in [Frequently Asked Questions] at the bottom of this page. Please refer to【Operating environment】Android 8.0 and above* Some devices are not compatible even with Android 8.0 or higher.*There is a possibility that it may not work properly depending on your environment, so we do not necessarily guarantee operation.We recommend that you download the app once and check its operation.【please note】■There may be a weight when reading the production. In addition, the numbers displayed in the app are only simulated values ​​and may differ from the actual slot machine. Please note.■ This application requires 19MB or more of internal storage (smartphone) and 1.5GB or more of external storage (microSD, etc.).■ Approximately 1.7 GB of data will be downloaded when installing the app. It takes several tens of minutes to several hours to download (depending on the communication environment). In addition, 4G and LTE lines may not be able to download in the middle due to communication restrictions, so we strongly recommend using a Wi-Fi environment.■If you check "Allow automatic updates" while you are overseas, you may unintentionally incur high communication charges due to version upgrades, etc. When going abroad, we recommend that you uncheck "Allow automatic updates" in the Play Store.【FAQ】・Please check the following before contacting us.・When making inquiries, please be sure to specify [App name], [Model name], [OS version] and [Details of inquiry].Q. I can't download even though there is enough free space on the external storage.A. Depending on the model you are using, a virtual external storage may be set in the internal storage and all application data may be saved there.For models with a total internal storage capacity of 4GB or more, there is a possibility that a virtual external storage is set, so please move the data in the internal storage to the external storage or delete it to secure 1.7GB or more of free space. After that, try downloading again.Q.An error code (e.g. 498) is displayed and I cannot download.A. There is a possibility that the free space of the storage (internal / external) is insufficient or the server is congested, so after moving or deleting unnecessary data as much as possible to secure free space (1.7 GB or more), after restarting the terminal , please try again later.If the symptoms do not improve, please contact Google Play's "Help (displayed with the menu key while the "Play Store" app is running)" with the error code specified.Q.The download does not proceed from the "Waiting" stateA.It occurs when communication other than Wi-Fi is performed while "Download only when using Wi-Fi" is checked when downloading.Please stop the download and try connecting to another Wi-Fi line, or remove the check and try downloading from another communication method (3G line, etc.).Q. The app crashes during startup and I can't playA.There is a possibility that a problem occurred during installation, so please try the following first.・Restart the smartphone or clear the cache・Uninstall and reinstall the appQ. App effects and sounds are not played correctlyA. Please try the following.- Forcibly stop running apps from [Settings] > [Applications] > [Manage Applications]・Restart the smartphone or clear the cache・Uninstall and reinstall the appIn addition, although the symptoms may be improved by "OS update", depending on the model, the symptoms may become more severe or new symptoms may occur.We are not responsible for any troubles caused by updating the OS, so please use your own judgment when implementing it.Q. I haven't received a reply to my inquiry.A. The business days of the support desk are weekdays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.Inquiries by e-mail are accepted at all times, but replies will be made only on business days.In addition, there are many cases where replies to customers who have made inquiries do not reach us.Before contacting us, please allow "[email protected]" and emails sent from your PC.This application uses CRI middleware "CRIWARE (TM)".©DAITO GIKEN, INC. / ©PAON DP Inc.

サラリーマン番長 Introduzione

サラリーマン番長 Essendo un gioco casual molto popolare di recente, ha guadagnato molti fan in tutto il mondo che amano i giochi casual. Se vuoi scaricare questo gioco, come il più grande sito di download di giochi gratuiti per mod apk al mondo, moddroid è la tua scelta migliore. moddroid non solo ti fornisce l'ultima versione di サラリーマン番長 1.2.1gratuitamente, ma fornisce anche Freemod gratuitamente, aiutandoti a salvare l'attività meccanica ripetitiva nel gioco, così puoi concentrarti sul godere della gioia portata dal gioco stesso. moddroid promette che qualsiasi mod di サラリーマン番長 non addebiterà alcuna commissione ai giocatori ed è sicura al 100%, disponibile e gratuita da installare. Basta scaricare il client moddroid, puoi scaricare e installare サラリーマン番長 1.2.1 con un clic. Cosa aspetti, scarica moddroid e gioca!

Gameplay unico

サラリーマン番長 Essendo un popolare gioco casual, il suo gameplay unico lo ha aiutato a conquistare un gran numero di fan in tutto il mondo. A differenza dei tradizionali giochi casual, in サラリーマン番長 , devi solo seguire il tutorial per principianti, così puoi facilmente avviare l'intero gioco e goderti la gioia offerta dai classici giochi casual サラリーマン番長 1.2.1. Allo stesso tempo, moddroid ha creato appositamente una piattaforma per gli amanti dei giochi casual, consentendoti di comunicare e condividere con tutti gli amanti dei giochi casual in tutto il mondo, cosa stai aspettando, unisciti a moddroid e goditi il casual gioco con tutti i partner globali felici

Bellissimo schermo

Come i giochi tradizionali casual, サラリーマン番長 ha uno stile artistico unico e la grafica, le mappe e i personaggi di alta qualità rendono サラリーマン番長 attratto molti fan di casual e confrontato ai tradizionali giochi casual, サラリーマン番長 1.2.1 ha adottato un motore virtuale aggiornato e apportato aggiornamenti audaci. Con una tecnologia più avanzata, l'esperienza sullo schermo del gioco è stata notevolmente migliorata. Pur mantenendo lo stile originale di casual, il massimo Migliora l'esperienza sensoriale dell'utente e ci sono molti diversi tipi di telefoni cellulari apk con un'eccellente adattabilità, assicurando che tutti gli amanti del gioco di casual possano godersi appieno la felicità portato da サラリーマン番長 1.2.1

Mod. Unica

Il tradizionale gioco casual richiede agli utenti di dedicare molto tempo ad accumulare ricchezza/abilità/abilità nel gioco, che è sia la caratteristica che il divertimento del gioco, ma allo stesso tempo, il processo di accumulazione inevitabilmente far sentire le persone stanche, ma ora l'emergere delle mod ha riscritto questa situazione. Qui, non è necessario spendere la maggior parte delle tue energie e ripetere l'""accumulo"" leggermente noioso. Le mod possono aiutarti facilmente a omettere questo processo, aiutandoti così a concentrarti sul goderti la gioia del gioco stesso

Scarica ora

Basta fare clic sul pulsante di download per installare l'APP moddroid, puoi scaricare direttamente la versione mod gratuita サラリーマン番長 1.2.1 nel pacchetto di installazione moddroid con un clic e ci sono più giochi mod popolari gratuiti che ti aspettano gioca, cosa aspetti, scaricalo ora!

Scarica サラリーマン番長 (MOD, Unlocked)

Scarica APK (1508.05MB)
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